Membership Requirements

Hours Requirement Each Semester

  • 20 hours for Candidates
  • 15 hours for Active Members
  • 10 hours for Internship Members



Professional Service Extra Total
Candidates 7 7 6 20
Actives 5 5 5 15
Interns 5 5 0 10

Examples of Inside Hours include;

  • BAP-Sponsored Event
  • Professional Meetings, Trash Pick-Up, Etiquette Dinner, Accounting Career Fair, etc.
  • Must Sign-in Sheet at Each Event in order for hours to count.
  • Candidates will be required to participate in at least one Showcase Saturday during their candidacy.

Examples Outside Hours include;

  • Any Non-BAP-Sponsored Event
  • Finance/Accounting Club Meeting with Professional Speaking, Greek Organizations Trash Pick Up or Volunteer Work
  • Members, candidates, and interns are allowed to count a maximum of 5 hours per year of both professional activities and 5 hours per year of service activities that are not sponsored by Beta Alpha Psi.

*Candidates failing to meet hour requirements will NOT be initiated*

*Members failing to meet hour requirements will be categorized as “In Bad Standing”*

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