Officer Duties

Lauren Gormly – President


The overall duties of the President are:

  • Leading our Chapter to success and honor
  • Promoting Beta Alpha Psi’s objectives
  • Observing the International Constitution and Bylaws
  • Preserving and follow the Chapter’s Bylaws
  • Using skills and abilities to promote the scholastic and ethical standards among the members
  • Building and maintaining an excellent reputation for the Chapter
  • Furthering the usefulness of our Organization to the groups it serves
Kailee Duke – Vice President


The overall duties of the Vice-President are:

  • Assisting the President in administering the affairs of the Organization
  • Acting in the President’s place when absent
  • Promoting Beta Alpha Psi’s objectives
  • Reaching out and maintaining good relations with accounting firms and government agencies
  • Scheduling professional speakers for professional meetings
Nina Miller – Reporter


The overall duties of the Reporter are:

  • Keeping an official record of the actions of this Organization
  • Maintaining complete and accurate records
  • Maintaining up-to-date records on all present and alumni members of the Chapter
  • Recording minutes of the meetings for the chapter and the executive committee
  • Ensuring the remittance of Candidate and Member fees
  • Ensuring initiation fees and chapter dues are paid in accordance with the Program for Chapter Activities
Lauren Gormly/Kailee duke – Treasurer

The overall duties of the Treasurer are:

  • Maintaining the financial affairs of our Organization
  • Preparing the operating budget and the financial position forecast
  • Monitoring cash flows
  • Promptly recording all transactions and safeguarding the Organization’s resources
  • Preparing the Chapter’s Year-End Report that contain the audited financial statements and tax returns for the Chapter for the year
All officers – Community Service

The overall duties of Community Service are:

  • Organizing and facilitating community service events for each semester
  • Contacting members with openings of community service throughout the semester
  • Reminding members of service dates
All officers – Fundraising

The overall duties of Fundraising are:

  • Planning fundraising activities for the chapter
  • Coordinating the golf tournament and reaching out to accounting firms to participate
  • Maintaining good relations with accounting firms
All officers – VITA

The overall duties of VITA are:

  • Reaching out and maintaining good relations with Goodwill
  • Organizing VITA events
  • Assisting with VITA paperwork and approving returns
  • Ensuring members pass their exams in order to assist with VITA
All officers – Best Practices

The overall duties of Best Practices are:

  • Presenting best practices at the regional meeting
  • Presenting chapter operations at the annual meeting

If you would like to be an officer, please click here to fill out the officer application and give it to the chapter president.

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